Monday, November 21, 2011


Painting vests for Thanksgiving theme.

Annie's Turkey

Pumpkin/Chocolate Muffins

 Science Experiments:  Ms come off of M&Ms and Ss off Skittles (the ink doesn't dissolve well) and the kids got to see if the red or orange skittles dissolved first (red in hot water and orange in cold).  Heat speeds up reactions.  We talked about the movement of molecules.

Experiment:  Who can make the longest Laffy Taffy?

Letter J.

Cornbread for Day 2

1 little...2 little...

I showed the kids a real pow wow on Youtube

 I put a real Indian chant on while we danced.  We also danced around to the 10 Little Indians song.

We tested acids (lemon heads and war heads) to see how they reacted in baking soda water.

Deacon suggested we add a Hot Tamale.  It did not fizz so must not have been an acid.  A little budding scientist.

Here's our before picture of the candy before heat (the oven) was added.

Here's after.

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