Monday, May 14, 2012

Second Half

painting trains for "railroad" & then eating trains
"R" is for Rainbows.  we talked about how they are made, read a book about Noah's ark & then made our own Noah's ark pictures
so cute how they all chose to hang out on the little trampoline

"R" is for Road
Coloring trains

Painting with veggies for our "V" is for Vegetables themed preschool
Veggies for snack
"V" is for Volcano.  This was their favorite activity of the day I think.  They really got a kick out of it when their volcanoes would overflow
We did a St. Patrick's Day theme the second half of the day.  My little leprechauns!
Eating rainbow cupcakes & fruit rainbows

Washing animals at the Zoo!

Gardening preschool.  We talked about different kinds of bugs & which ones were good for gardens & which ones were not.  We also planted bean seeds in pots they had painted.  For snack we had worms in dirt, "slugs" & "lady bugs"

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Preschool Beginnings

 Rainbow waffles!  Everyone got to choose the colors that went into their own waffles.

 We learned a bit about bugs & then made our own out of playdough with toothpicks for stingers and/or feelers, parchment paper wings, corn kernel eyes & straw legs.  It was a big hit!

 Cars number tracing & matching
 Of course, we painted with cars too!
 We tried to make a tall building with old boxes, containers & paper towel rolls but it kept falling over before it got very high.

  We read Green Eggs & ham & then had them for snack as well.
 For our "G" preschool we had a new Green food...cactus fruits!  Everyone tried it & I was so proud!  The boys always want me to take pictures of them making silly faces during snack time!
 Sorting colors and doign math with Skittlwa
 For "N" preschool we had "nests" for snack.  We also sorted nests smallest to biggest & sorted big & little "N's" into the proper nests

 Making bird feeders for those birds!  We also looked at a bird book & the boys loved checking out the different kinds of feathers, sizes & colors of eggs & of course, their favorite, bird pellets!  They thought it was hilarious looking at all the different kinds of bird poop!

 The next dy for "N" we did noodles.  First we put noodles in tins with the corresponding number.  E.g. one noodle in the number "1," two noodles in the number 2.

 Then we sorted according to color and then according to noodle shape.
 Noodle "N's"
 Noodle necklaces
 Of course, noodles for snack.  I found a cool noodle snack on pinterest where they put spaghetti thru hot dogs & then cooked them together.  They dipped them in ketchup & also had pretzels & orange slices